Untitled comic project in the works: dark elves in love.

***EDIT*** I finally have a name for this comic! It’s now The Secret Name.

Hi again, I’m not much of a blogger so it’s hard for me to make regular blog posts but since twitter has completely turned into a mess guess I will have to. In my last entry, I said I wouldn’t talk about my projects or else I won’t work on them, and while part of that is still true, I feel like it’s ok to start talking about them now. Before I do, I just want to say that I’m currently using two new websites: Cohost and Pillowfort. Both links are now on my front page, but I’m just repeating it here. Anyways, back on topic: my current untitled comic project in the works.

This one is an original M/M doujin about two dark elves. Zahir is a humble homely farm hand for his family who recently got into a relationship with a shy and reclusive writer named Suha’ri. Zahir has been curious about Suha’ri’s work for a long time but Suha’ri has always been too shy to talk about it, so Zahir does some investigating and finds out his boyfriends writes erotica for a living! He decides to surprise him later on by roleplaying a scene the next time they have sex. It’s going to be a cute and wholesome story with role reversal and a little bit of roleplaying.

Contents: m/m, anal, masturbation, small dom / big sub, missionary

I still have not figured out a good title for this, and it’s been over a year now LMAO, but I plan on finishing the script and the thumbnails by December 22nd. From then on, who knows! Schedules are hard for me to maintain, and I’ve been heavily discouraged to work on this because I got this rejected from a comic collective, but I’ll keep trying. I have nothing to lose! lol

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