As it turns out, I’m not very good at writing.

For the past two years, I’ve been stuck behind a wall.

A wall called “I am not a words artist. I am a visual artist.”

So, rather than continue leaving Induced Lunacy in development hell, my novella project is now being turned into a comic! I hope you’ll still be interested in this story and are excited about these turn of events. The original first two chapters is available on my blog starting from here, but it is also now available as a PDF+EPUB+MOBI on my store page here.

Usually the scripts of my comics are only available in the paid versions, but since this is a special case where the “script” is a novella and 2/3 of it is already available, I’m going to make an exception this time and release the “script” for chapter 3 for free.

Also, one other update is that I’ve recently learned “drow” is exclusively a D&D term. This story has nothing to do with D&D, so I’ve chosen to replace the term with “dark elf” everywhere. Sorry if you thought this was fan fiction! I don’t really know anything about D&D.

What is Induced Lunacy about?

From the store page:

Riela, a retiring court mage dark elf, investigates a village’s werewolf problem only to discover something much, much bigger…

Here is the concept art for Riela and the “werewolf” she meets (SPOILERS AHEAD):

The comic will include: F/M, size difference, interspecies, voyeurism, masturbation, handjob, paizuri, cunnilingus, sex, large penetration

When will it be available?

Induced Lunacy will be further put on the backburner until I can complete another comic I’m working on called The Secret Name, which is, funnily enough, about dark elves, too. You can see more about it here.

This comic projected to be a bigger project than my other shorter comics, so once I complete the Secret Name and a shorter comic after that, I’ll consider Induced Lunacy. Thank you for your patience.

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