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Fullbody Ecchi LGBT+ Furry Xeno Monster Mecha

SFW* Minors Bestiality Gore Incest Non-Con Some Fetishes**





Terms and Conditions


Don't lie or cheat about your commission; be respectful about mine and every other artist's boundaries. If I find out you weren't being truthful in your commission details (e.g. character isn't yours/ is actually underage, etc.), I will personally blacklist you and not complete your commission. You will also not get a refund.

How to Commission Me

Fill out this form:
OR send an email to with subject title “Commission” and a brief description with the following:
- your name/username to address you by + pronouns
- your paypal email (if different from your email)
- visual references (links only, no attachments)

As of 18th June, 2021, I am no longer accepting FA notes or twitter DMs for commissions except for minor tweaks and edits. You MUST use the form or email me.


- You must be 18 years or older to commission me. No ifs, ands, or buts.
- Paypal USD invoices only. Half-installments can be negotiated.
- Payment must be made within 30 days before any work is done.
- I reserve the right to turn down your commission for any reason.
- No refunds after more than 50% of work is completed.

DO'S and DON'Ts

I WILL draw:

  • Fullbody
  • Ecchi/suggestive/pinup
  • LGBT+
  • Furry
  • Xeno
  • Monster
  • Mecha

I WON'T draw:

  • *SFW
  • celebrities/real people
  • lolicon (underage)
  • bestiality
  • gore
  • incest
  • non-con (rape)
  • bigoted/racist/x-phobic content

Fetishes I LOVE to draw:

  • monsters/teratophilia
  • demons/willful corruption
  • tentacles
  • cumflation
  • growth (50/50)
  • size difference
  • rough sex/BDSM
  • large insertions

**Fetishes I WON'T draw:

  • cheating
  • cuckolding
  • feet
  • vore
  • guro
  • any biological wastes

*Email me for my SFW art.
**If something isn't listed, just ask.


All work is done on an A4 canvas (roughly 8.27" × 11.69") at 350dpi and will be sent as a jpeg through e-mail. You may ask for a US letter-sized canvas at no extra cost. Larger sizes cost more, smaller sizes cost the same as the starting rate.

You can alter, crop or repost the work (with credit due) wherever you want but you can’t sell it on t-shirts, prints, CDs, etc. This is considered commercial work and is under a different set of terms (See “commercial work” section).

Commercial Work

Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, or any other form of blockchain-based technology. Use of the artwork for advertising or profits associated with NFTs or blockchain technology is strictly prohibited.

Personal, one-off commissions cannot be used for any commercial purposes. I am currently not available for commercial licensing, so please do not ask.

If you would like to commission a for-profit piece (advertisement, publishing, promotion, t-shirts, etc) please specify this in your inquiry with a budget ready. Commercial rates are decided upon a case-by-case basis and are subject to higher commission rates. I am currently not available for commercial work.

Updated 4th November, 2021.

From here onwards is content inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18 years old.
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