I’m working on a visual novel project called “Nymnys”.

Hi, long time no see. Lately I’ve been busy with life so I haven’t posted any of my progress for The Secret Name, but I do have some good news about it: I’ve finished all of the SFW thumbnails. All I have to do now is work on the porn parts. Also, it seems the comic page count has now reached 50+ pages with the last-minute additions I included…

Anyways, today I’m here to talk about a project I’ve been chipping away at over the years: Project Nymnys. 3 years ago, I had the idea of making my first adult visual novel which had a simple premise: have sex with your girlfriend. I wanted it to be as bare bones as possible so it had a mundane modern theme, but I also wanted some variety and replayability— and so, you were going to be able to choose between several races, five total, which all had different fetishes. Here are some old screenshots of the original game’s look:

Nymnys no longer looks anything like this and the project’s resolution has been bumped up to account for newer monitor resolutions. The game was also originally going to be in first-person POV, and there was also going to be a pussy option, but then I realized you’d need to show the character for those kinds of sex poses. I scrapped it for now, but I kept it in mind.

I let this project sit for a very long time, and it was this year I decided that you get to see your character model, but also, most importantly, I changed the entire premise of Nymnys: rather than a straight-forward nukige (“fap game”), I decided you have to go through literal Hell in order to have sex with your girlfriend. I revamped the entire art direction for the project as well, which I will show next update once I have character designs ready. I decided to revamp Nymnys too, and flesh her out entirely instead of just being a sexual object. Here are the first redesign concept art pieces that I did the other day while I was in the car:

As for fleshing her out, I simply decided she’s a demon necromancer from a long line of nobility, and as for you the player, you’re an adventurer or traveler who loves being scared to death— almost literally— and you two met at a haunted house. She’s able to revive you whenever you get killed, which is something you’re accustomed to (and whether it has consequences or not remains ambiguous).

For now, I’ve been working on the technical side of the project by creating a proper outline, and also have been hard at work re-learning how to use Ren’py. Here is a barebones preview of the character screen selection menu:

I learned how to do this from this forum post. Also, the music I’m using for this project all comes from Peritune.

That’s it for now! I’m going to let this project rest so I can work more on The Secret Name again, and also get a new fan art art pack finished called Sladegon. More on that when I can provide better previews.

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