An elf sorceress has some fun in a temple with her demon servant.

Light, both magic and natural, poured into the white halls of the tranquil, open room. Crisp, clean wind swirled with the burning scent of soft lavender, a ceremonial incense, copper chimes whistling its echoing melody. Neat rows of pews stood silently with no visitors to welcome during a busy mid-noon save for two lone figures intent on becoming one.

A hooded elf wrapped her arms around her shadowy demon servant as he sat knelt before her. The demon towered over her even on his knees but showed no sign of dominance. In between their giggling breaths she counted the chime’s soft notes as it swirled in her pleasantly scented mind. Her fingers laced across his broad back as he felt the alluring pull of her smirk. He held onto the pew firmly and their lips met again more tensely. Her hands slid apart, gripping onto his back as he pinned her further against the pew.

A soft gasp escaped her as he firmly gripped her shoulder, pulling him in for another kiss. Tongues curled and rolled, the air growing hot and full of echoing sighs. He felt her lips curl up into a smirk as he pushed on, her shoulders and legs relaxing more. Cloth shifted below him, grazing his groin as he felt her legs spreading apart. She continued to relax, her dress split at the hip to show hints of thick, smooth flesh between her stockings and dress. Pleasant chills ran down his back as her hands slid onto his shoulders and began to firmly massage them downward. He glanced at her between kisses, laughing as she smiled coyly and tousled his hair. He pulled away from her last kiss, smirking at her before lowering himself to be at level with her groin.

He snickered as she gasped, watching him drape her dress over his horns like a hood. She placed a hand against her warm chest as he continued to advance. His heart rung in his ears as the warm depths enveloped his nose and cheeks. He breathed in her pleasing scent as he quickly pulled her legs further apart. She let out a sharp gasp as he tugged her stockings down while pushing her further into the pew.

“Oh my, what a gentleman…” she sneered as his clawed thumb ripped her stocking.

He pressed himself against her groin, feeling her tense body relax with a powerful sigh. He repeated, a moan escaping from her lips until he felt her left hip rise. He slid his right hand up and tugged the string loose on her undergarment. She cooed as it fell away to feel his hot breath. Her abdomen tensed up eagerly. He pulled her legs further apart as she rested her arms against the pew, letting out a soft moan at the ceiling as she felt his tongue spread apart her wet labia. Her fingers rolled and her muscles jolted with a gasp as he massaged the underside of her clit. She pushed her hips further into his kiss.

She sighed deeply, praising him as he massaged his smooth tongue across her smoother passage. She rolled her head back as her chest heaved with pleasure, fingers rolling into knuckles as her knees grew weak. His tongue stroked up and down, moving closer, downward, teasing, never fully penetrating. She scraped the heel of her boot against the floor as she spread her legs further apart, his hands sliding up to her hips. Sweat formed and dripped down her body as she moaned and laughed at the ceiling, rolling her wrists and rubbing back against his pulsing tongue. She sunk lower into the pew, tensing and twitching as his fingers dug into her sides while he grew more animated.

Their body heat pulsed in time, his trousers growing tight at the waistband as she continued to grind back against him. He picked up the pace and her knees began to buckle, sliding even further down into bliss. He took a breather, leaving her a heaving mess begging him to keep going. He descended again, this time massaging her breasts as her hips bucked. In the thick cloth he felt through her chest until he rolled two fingers together exciting her nipple. She gasped in pleasure, her nipples hardening as he continued to roll one between his finger and thumb. He slid his right hand back down to grip onto her waist again. He rolled his wet, sticky tongue teasing her clit until she shook.

His tongue scraped against the tip of her clit and with a sharp gasp she thrusted her pelvis into his mouth. He didn’t stop however, flicking his tongue as he buried his face deeper into her groin. Her legs lost tension and her eyes rolled up to the ceiling. Her hips moved on their own, her hands in tight fists.

“I’m… I’m getting close…” she whimpered. “D-don’t s-s-stop!”

He massaged her depths with his tongue as her breaths grew ragged, fingers clamped tightly against the pew. She thrusted her hips as a hot sensation filled her, raw emotion pouring into every nerve. He penetrated her with his tongue, feeling every muscle tighten and throb as he wavered erratically inside her, letting her buck her hips to push him further in and out.

She could no longer contain herself as he massaged and groped her body with his hands again, tracing her shape. The stimulation proved too much and with one final deep thrust she orgasmed loudly. The sound reverberated within the chimes and sang with her cry of pleasure. The hot, thick liquid poured out of her and landed onto his awaiting tongue. Her knees shook as she gasped out another moan, her body crashing into bliss.

Moments later, she heaved a sigh, relaxing her arms back onto the edge of the pew top. She looked down and smirked, bemused, as the demon remained underneath the flap of her dress. He licked her clean, forcing a gasp out of her whenever he would “accidentally” flick her overstimulated clit. When they heard the sound of hurried footsteps, he froze and vanished into her shadow as she fumbled with tying her undergarments back on. Once set, she stumbled out of the room giggling, vanishing down the opposite halls.

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