Just a quick health update and some upcoming projects or plans for future projects.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing as well as I am. In December, I caught COVID and afterwards it left me with acute bronchitis throughout January. It may take up to 8 weeks for it to go away -__- Anyways, here are some updates I have in store for this year!

2022 Sketchbook

The 2022 sketchbook for January will be available soon for patrons on the 1st and for the public on the 15th of February!

Here is the store page for its eventual release: https://rei39.itch.io/2022-sketchbook

As always, they’re free to download but you can also donate a few bucks my way if you enjoyed the contents. ^^

CG Sets

That’s right, I’m back to making more CG sets after a long hiatus! I’m going to take it slow, but I’ll try to publish more than one throughout the year lol. You can download my current ones on Patreon for $1/mo or $1-2 per CG set on itch.io.

Aggora & Her Twunk

Eventual store page: https://rei39.itch.io/aggora-and-her-twunk

Summary: A demon has some fun with her very eager twunk boyfriend.

There will be about 12 illustrations in this with and without text and clean and messy variations. 🙂 The coloring style will be a little more simple here since it’s been so long since I’ve colored the first edition. 

I’m shooting for this to be finished by the end of the month (January)! If not, then I’ll just release it early February.

Oasis Demons

Summary: A traveler stumbles across an oasis of demons.

As you can tell by the watermark, this is a very old sketch (2016!) of a CG set I’ve had planned but never got around to it. This one will be a very small CG set, with about 4-6 illustrations along with clean and messy variations. I’m shooting for this to be finished by the end of February. 


I’ve shared these on my Patreon a long time ago, but here is a list of future/upcoming doujin projects.

Light Midnight: Prologue (on hiatus)

Site: https://reizako.com/light-midnight/comic/prologue-cover 

Summary: Follow the love life of an elf sorceress and her demon servant. Oh, and she also has a student she teaches, too. (There is no relationship between the teacher and student.)

Contents: nb/m, demon x elf, large insertion, rough sex

This one is currently on hiatus because I lost interest in working on it, but perhaps I will get back to it and finish it somewhere in fall. Right now, though, I’m redoing the cover because it looks ugly to me now, lol.

Open Secret (working title)

Summary: A drow author and a drow stable hand enjoy a small lunch date as the author finally reveals what kind of literature he writes.

Contents: m/m, anal, masturbation, small dom / big sub, missionary

This one is purely M/M. 

The Witch and the Demon Under Her Bed

(no images for now)

Summary: A middle-aged witch tries to invite a demon into her home for intimacy but no one answers until she goes to bed.

Contents: f/m, transformation, sex, missionary

Hospital Dwellers

Summary: A monster nurse lusts after a more forward helmet-adorned monster.

Contents: slight femdom, rough sex, fingering, anal, cowgirl

This one is very much a to-the-point plot-what-plot doujin. I have no clue when I’ll be able to finish this one.


Summary: The Mistress of Evil relieves some stress by turning her one of her henchwomen into a well-endowed monster.

Contents: femdom, transformation, clothed sex, size difference

This one is another parody doujin. No release date yet.


Sometimes I write, sometimes I don’t. I’m not the best at it, and I probably will not release a lot of writing in general. Here’s what’s coming eventually this year.

Induced Lunacy: Chapter 3 + Epilogue

Store Page: https://rei39.itch.io/induced-lunacy 

Blog link: https://reizako.com/blog/induced-lunacy-ch-03 

Summary: A retiring drow mage investigates a village’s werewolf problem only to discover something much bigger…

Contents: F/M, size difference, interspecies, voyeurism, masturbation, handjob, paizuri, cunnilingus, sex, large penetration

I haven’t been able to update this one when I’ve wanted to, and am very much aware of how long I’ve taken to finish it up, but I am definitely going to finish it up this year. It may take me all year to finish it because I’m not confident in my writing, but I will finish it nonetheless. 

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