Sketchbooks Compilation- January 2022

Coming January 1st, 2022: my final sketchbooks of 2021.

 Art   November 11, 2021

Sketchbooks Compilation- January 2022

Hello everyone, I know this is a super early post but this is a much-needed update for my sketchbooks. I apologize for not keeping up with them, but it's mostly, once again, due to my health, my living situation, and my disabilities. 

My last sketchbook of 2021 will be submitted January 1st, 2022 for patrons and then on the 15th for everyone else. This one will be a compilation of all the months that I did not submit a sketchbook, should there be artwork during those months. It will simply be called Sketchbooks of 2021: Volume 2.

This year was particularly rough, and I won't go into it but it was hard to work on any NSFW art, even just plain ol' SFW art. I don't know what I will be doing in 2022, and honestly it's something I don't really want to think about right now. I'm just gonna focus on day-to-day things...

Anyways, some of the contents of my last sketchbook of 2021 include WIPs of finished pieces and sketch commissions. There may be some SFW content in there. Here's a few images:



I'm rei39, aka reizako. I'm an NB adult artist by hobby. You can follow me on twitter for short WIPs and updates, or, you can check out my patreon and support my content there.

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