My patreon no longer exists and I am not going to be as active as I want to be in my adult art space.

Hi. I recently deleted my Patreon because of its low traffic and my negligence, but this was due to my living situation and also some personal demons (the bad kind) preventing me from being here. I am also going to be in limbo for some time because I need to have a few things arranged before I can come back to my adult art space. I’m more active on my SFW art handle, which you can ask me for through twitter or furaffinity or email. 

Some good news, however, is that this may be a short limbo/hiatus, and once I return I will be uploading hi-res versions of my future illustrations instead of putting them on patreon like I originally did. The hi-res edition of my CG sets were always available on itchio so whatever was on Patreon doesn’t need to be reuploaded there, but the doujin section of my stuff will need to be reworked. 

Anyways, thanks for sticking around. I’ll be back in a while.

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