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It’s love at first sight as farm hand Zahir meets his new neighbor Suha’ri— a novelist who’s too shy to tell him what he writes for a living even when they start dating. After some investigating, Zahir discovers what his new boyfriend writes: steamy erotica! Since he’s too shy to admit it, Zahir decides to surprise Suha’ri with a little bit of light reading in bed…

Release Date: 2024 (date TBA)


Zahir Che-Hakl

He/Him | Gay | 30s

A forward and outgoing farm hand living on his family’s farm in Treegaish Village. He helps run his mother’s market stand in Oakhops.

Suha’ri Bhozin

He/him | Gay | 30s

A shy and soft-spoken novelist who recently moved to Treegaish Village. He loves to visit a cafe in the town close-by when he needs writing motivation.