All concept art for “The Secret Name” has been finished!

Hi all, it’s been a while since I made an update on this comic/doujin that was originally untitled, but I finally have good news: the comic is now called The Secret Name, and all of the concept art is finished! I am now working on the thumbnails this week. 🙂

Here is a few select concept art pieces I’m willing to share:

And here is a little bit about each image:

  • Oakhops Café: the café front is based on Singaporean and Dutch colonial architecture as well as some art deco elements. The chair design is based on a chair design I found off google. The font I use for the café’s sign and the rest of the concept art is called Ondrwaax which you can download here (site is in German).
  • Oakhops Marketplace: I made two versions of the marketplace where it’s simple generic medieval-ish fantasy market with Singaporean+German rowhouses, or a more modern-ish indoor marketplace based on the interior of the Pike Place Market plaza and the Pacific Place mall in Seattle, WA, USA. I’ve decided to go with the medieval-ish fantasy marketplace design since it feels more “homey” to me.
  • Oakhops Town Shots: this is the town that shows up in the beginning of the story. I was heavily influenced by the film Howl’s Moving Castle and watched it while I was drawing these shots. I wanted to make a non-uniform town that’s big and modern in some ways, but there’s no cars, just trams/cable cars.
  • Treegaish Village Shots 2: this is where the story mostly takes place. Treegaish is in some scenic valleys 20 minutes away on foot from Oakhops. There are several small farms in the village that Suha’ri and Zahir visit on their first date, each with their own niche.

My goal is to finish this comic in its entirety before I publish it online, but when that will be… I’m not sure! I don’t want to make any promises for a release date since I am notorious for being late to my own deadlines since my brain is not-so-great, but I am working on the comic every week! I made an “art pact” with my best friend xiphos__ to work on our comics every week, so I’ve been making a lot of progress!

Once I finish the thumbnails, I’ll see how many pages I can create in one week, and after that I will make a deadline. Thank you for reading!

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