Free CG sets and $1-2 HD CG Sets.
They are hosted on and Patreon.

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What's a CG Set?

It's a set of illustrations, also known as image packs. They contain either several variations of one image or several illustrations that sometimes have multiple variations and etc.

Why are some of them called "packs"?

Because I'm too lazy to change it to reflect the new name.

Is it really free?


Then why is there a version that costs money?

It's for people who want to support my work while getting something in return.

Ok... so what's the difference between them?

Here's a fancy table for that.

Free Version
HD Version
HD Version
1448x2048px Patreon
Free $2 USD* per set $1/mo for all CG sets
Entire CG Set Entire CG Set Entire CG Set
Released same-day Released same-day Released same-day
Sharing OK NO sharing NO sharing
some concept art all concept art all concept art
bi-monthly progress bi-monthly progress real-time progress
*Some CG sets are only $1 because they're older or are smaller file sizes.

What does "sharing OK" mean?

It means you're allowed to redistribute that version and share it throughout the internet. You can't share anything else that says otherwise.

What's "bi-monthly/real-time" progress?

I release progress updates at least twice a month on my social media, patrons get to see all of the updates in real-time.

Do I HAVE to support you on Patreon for all the goods?

You don't HAVE to do anything. If you're cool with looking at the finished stuff and don't care about seeing all the bonus content or getting bigger file sizes then the free option is the best option.

I don't have any money. :(

That's why I provide the free versions.

Where can I view the files of the CG sets individually?

For now, you can see them on my pixiv. I'm working on an alternative in the mean time.

Can I reupload the images (reprint) elsewhere?

Just the free versions. Make sure you link to my website or pixivID for credit.

Do you take requests, collabs or art trades?

Only with friends.

Can I be your friend? :3

No, especially if that's the reason behind it.

Why did you start adding an ugly watermark to the CG sets?

It's a deterrent for sleazy hentai sites making money off my content without my consent.

Edited and revised on 17th December, 2018.

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