CG Sets

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I see two versions on What do they mean?

What’s a CG Set?

It’s a set of illustrations, also sometimes known as image packs. They contain several variations of one image or several illustrations with multiple variations.

Why are some of them called “CG packs”?

I’m too lazy to change it to the new name.

Is it really free?

Yes. The version you may see that is not free is to support my work, and in return you receive a higher resolution version + extras.

Can I redistribute the images online?

You’re allowed to redistribute the free version only. You can’t share anything else that says otherwise.

Where can I view the files individually?

On my pixiv. As of September 10th, 2022, I’m no longer uploading the full CG sets to my website so I don’t go over my disk quota.

Do you take requests, collabs or art trades?

Only with friends.

Will you ever remove the watermarks?


Edited September 10th, 2022.