Project Nymnys - Details

by rei39
4 minutes
Project Nymnys - Details

Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a visual novel project called Nymnys which is a short, zero-consequence, 100% consensual erotic visual novel where you make love to your demon girlfriend Nymnys. Initially, you play as a human but there are other races to choose from. You can play it safe or go for the more exotic routes... it's all up to you! There is no awkward break in the flow of the text so you'll be customizing as you go, but you can always rewind a step to choose something else. 

Well, this is how I initially want the project's goal to be. This would be my first visual novel, and it's a bit ambitious, but hopefully people will enjoy it!

Here's more information about the races in case you want to know:

You, the player, get to choose between several races and you also get to choose your own anatomy. By default, you start off with a human cock until I can implement everything else.

Nymnys is a pureblood demon and by default she has a slit. Eventually I want there to be an option where you get to choose Nymnys's anatomy as well, but that will come later.


A human! You know what that is. Your goods are a little magically enhanced from all that fooling around you do with Nymnys. You’ve got a normal human cock or slit, it’s just a little more sensitive and easily aroused. It doesn't help that you're more susceptible to a demon's rut, but thankfully Nymnys loves to shower you with TLC afterwards!


A bull-like being with the shape of a man but the head of a bull. Thick and full of muscle. You've got a smooth coat of fuzz and some hardy hooves. You either have a lengthy, meaty blunt-tipped cock with fleshy ridges or a nice, puffy slit with a very sensitive clitoris and an inner ridge. Due to your people's highly sexual nature, you're immune to a demon's rut! But, you could still play along, if that’s your thing…


A wolfish being with the shape of man, completely furry from muzzle to claw. You either have a formidable, knotted cock tucked away in a cozy sheath or a fuzzy, cozy slit with a ribbed texture along your lower lips for added pleasure. Much like (almost) every other species, you may end up going into a demon’s rut so you might get a little excited and rough and end up knotting as you finish off!


Sharply-defined creatures of extraterrestrial origin, but beneath those claws and ferocious-looking teeth you're a peaceful species. You have a cloaca surrounded by petal-shaped tentacles that can form into one large, writhing and tantalizing tentacle for intimacy. However, going into a demon's rut can activate your microchip's breeding algorithm, and you may end up leaving eggs everywhere...


Another extraterrestrial, but an amorphous, translucent mass that’s taken on a vaguely humanoid shape. You lived within the "Singularity" for eons until you left for a greater purpose… which you seemed to have found through stocks and finances. You've possessed a preference for being as  close to your partners as possible, and if someone can handle that warm, melting sensation of your body, or if they’re into a growing kink like you are, then everyone will be happy.