My blog imploded. :(


 General   July 20, 2021

My blog imploded. :(

Sorry for everything going missing. My blog imploded while I was trying to update it so I'm scrambling to put everything back up. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of stuff, so I may not be able to recover most of it except what I was able to save for the writing category. I'll just put up new posts for the sketchbooks. 

I also wanted to give you an update on my current state of health and wellness: it's been bad but I'm slowly picking up my tablet pen again to draw NSFW. I deal with several disabilities and also live with family that makes it very hard for me to work on NSFW art, but I am trying. There's so many things I want to work on. I will keep trying. Thank you for listening. 


I'm rei39, aka reizako. I'm an NB adult artist by hobby. You can follow me on twitter for short WIPs and updates, or, you can check out my patreon and support my content there.

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