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Alt Gallery

ALL ADOPTED! 🥰 More coming soon.


Regal Rabbits Series / 001-003

001: Momo

ADOPTED by vampire-moo

002: Sakura

ADOPTED by vampire-moo

003: Ume

ADOPTED by shoumast

Cordbots Series / 004-006

004: Cordelius

ADOPTED by Otacon_Magoo

005: Cordred

ADOPTED by Kuuhullu

006: Cordhera

ADOPTED by LongAssName

Urban Cats Series / 001-003

007: Bridget

ADOPTED by hungrywulfy

008: Helena

ADOPTED by werewolfgene

009: Diatou

ADOPTED by Shayochism

Rules and Terms

Purchases are non-refundable except under certain circumstances.

You will receive....

- The unwatermarked, high-resolution image + nude version (when available)
- Creative rights to the adoptable.


- Use it however you want! Name and design can be edited in any way.
- First come, first-serve basis. Always check link for updates.
- Payment is Paypal USD only and must be made within 24 hours of claimship.
- You may trade/give away the design, but please inform me the change in authorship.
- Do not resell the adoptable or claim the artwork/race/design as your own.
- Race adoptables are based on races I've created, certain details cannot be changed.
- Always check the adoption links for any additional rules.

From here onwards is content inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18 years old.
ここから先は18歳未満の方には不適切な表現が含まれるコンテンツがあります。 Are you 18 years or older?