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All doujin are (or will be) hosted on and Patreon.

Light Midnight

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Pumpkin & Spice

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Other stuff I make.


Moving to a new home ~_~)

Visual Novels

Maybe someday:)

2018 Sketchbook

2017 Sketchbook

2016 Sketchbook

Monster Challenge


About Doujin

同人 "Doujin" means self-published creator(s).

In this context, however, it means self-published comics. I'm a registered independent doujin circle in Japan known as reizako.

In the future, there will be several doujin available for sale on with free previews.


What language will they be in?


Will they be DRM-protected?

No. You're allowed to share the free version in good faith.

Will you publish them on dlsite?

No. It requires heavily censoring my works which I don't like.

Will there be any samples or free previews??

A 10-page teaser will always be available upon the initial release date and then the full comic will be released 2-3 weeks later.

So Patrons get to download all of your comics??

Yeah. :) As long as you're subscribed you get access to all of them plus all updates.

I don't have any money but I wanna see the doujin WIPs. :(

Sometimes I'll share stuff on my twitter or pixiv but otherwise you'll have to wait like everyone else, sorry.

How much will they be outside of Patreon?

$4-5 for the Standard Version, $7-10 for the Omake Edition.

Where can I read them online?

For now, on my pixiv. I am creating a hub for my comics in the future.

I don't think your comics are worth $5 or even $3.

That's mean. :(

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