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Released 06/15/20


Summerfin is a small little one-shot about two fishyfolk lovers enjoying the rest of summer together. Alone. On a family-owned private beach. Mako's finally ready to make love to Akiko but there's just one big detail they still feel shy about telling her...

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In development

Light Midnight

Light Midnight is (going to be) a multi-chapter story following the love life of an elf sorceress and her demon servant.

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About Doujin

同人 "Doujin" means self-published creator(s).

In this context, however, it means self-published comics.


What does each tier mean on

You get the entire comic regardless of the edition.
Free Edition
850x1200px (B5)
Standard Edition
1700x2400px (B5)
Standard Edition
1700x2400px (B5)
Omake Edition
1700x2400px (B5) Patreon
Free $5 USD $3/mo all doujin $8-10 USD
Comic + blanks + PDF + Script + Cover PSD
Some artwork All artwork + thumbs All artwork + thumbs All artwork + thumbs
Released 2 weeks Released immediately Released same-day Released same-day
Share it!! NO sharing NO sharing NO sharing
Some progress Some progress All progress Some progress

What language will they be in?


Will they be DRM-protected?

No. You're allowed to share the free version in good faith.

Will you publish them on dlsite/melonbooks/etc?

No. It requires heavily censoring my works which I don't like.

Will there be any samples or free previews?

A 10-page teaser will always be available upon the initial release date and then the full comic will be released 2 weeks later.

So Patrons get to download all of your comics?

Yeah. :) As long as you're subscribed you get access to all of them plus all works-in-progress.

I don't have any money but I wanna see the doujin WIPs. :(

Sometimes I'll share stuff on my twitter but otherwise you'll have to wait like everyone else, sorry.

Where can I read them online?

You can read all of my webcomics online at comicfury.

What are translator blanks?

Text-less versions of the comic so people can translate them into their native language (hence why sharing is allowed for the free version).

Why is the Omake Edition not available for patrons? :(

It will be once I reach that goal. :)

I don't think your comics are worth $5 or even $3.

That's mean. :(

Edited 23rd July, 2021.

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